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Readers Respond: Which wax is better?

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Which wax is better

We haven't been making candles for a long time, but we made the decision from the beginning to use soy wax as it is a renewable resource and I like the way it burns. We only make container candles. I guess if we decide to move into pillars we will have to try some of the other vegetable waxes.

paraffin wax

i more used to make candles and i can easly makes flowers from paraffin wax. And i yet not found soy wax in my city (India)
—Guest hiral

Paraffin Vs Soy Continued:

CONT: A candle will smoke for several reasons: #1. Fire produces smoke. According to physics, anything that burns & does not go through complete combustion produces carbon. (soot,smoke) w the only exception being an acetylene torch) #2. A candle may smoke MORE for several reasons that have NOTHING to do with the type of wax used. The MAIN reason a candle might smoke excessively is because the candleler either used the wrong size or type of wicks; did not center the wick properly or the candle is being burned improperly. (Not trimming wicks) Another, common, reason a candle might smoke excessively is because too much fragrance was added to the wax. And yet another reason for excessive smoke might be that too much of another additive was used. The problems are not with EITHER of the waxes folks. It's either with the candle-MAKER not making the candle properly or the consumer not burning the candle properlyly. Most ALL smoke/soot problems are either wick problems or amateur candlelers.
—Guest Old pro

Paraffin VS Soy =o)

1,000 characters isn't NEAR enough space for my reply to this question but I'll try. The soy industries hype regarding soy being superior to paraffin is an easily-swallowed pill with a very bad after taste. Consumers are much too gullible & do not care, or else do not bother, to do their homework on the subject. All 2-1/2 quadrillion new soy websites out there all basically copy the hype from a previous pro-soy website without even bothering to check the facts! So, we have quadrillions of soy sites all saying the same thing while *very little of it holds ANY truth whatsoever. Most all of them claim that soy burns clean with no smoke (or much less smoke) compared to paraffin. I've been using them *both for many years and this is simply FALSE information which was all started by the soy industry to promote and sell their product. The truth is: Where there's fire there IS smoke folks. Thats one of the laws of physics. A candle canNOT burn without releasing smoke & therefore soot! CONT>
—Guest Old Pro

Which wax is better

I have only used soy, and like it because it burns cleaner. I know it has limited applications, such as use in containers, but decorating the containers can be part of the fun.
—Guest evzone2000

Which Wax is Better

Although each wax has it's own unique personality. I prefer only natural waxes such as Beeswax, Soy, and Palm. I have found that burning paraffin wax actually contributes to the onset of my migraine headaches. Wick selection when mixing the natural waxes can prove to be just a little tricky however, they do produce a beautiful candle.

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