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Readers Respond: Do you use animal oils in your soap recipes?

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I don't use animal products in soap.

Most of my friends, family and myself included don't eat meat or exclude beef and or pork from our diets. Therefore, I would never use it in soap. I don't purchase soaps that use animal products.
—Guest Bann

I make both! :))

I absolutely love 100% olive on my face, I absolutely love using (70% ao) in my soaps also. Lol. I personally think the soaps with "ao" feel much nicer on my dry skin. And even though I love them, I still have a hard time saying the word "lard" lol. So I personally have about 8 huge bars in my bathroom that I just can't decide which I love best.
—Guest Sandra

No Animal Fats In My Soap

You can make exactly the same bar without using animal fats. It doesn't sell as well as a vegan bar would and people are grossed out by this ingredient.
—Guest anna

Makes a FABULOUS bar!

I use it and I make no apologies for it! It makes a wonderful, creamy, mild bar. I wonder if the people who would NEVER use AO has ever put lipstick on. Yup! AO in your lipstick!
—Guest Kelly

Yes I use AO

People have been using AO for 1000's of years it must have been for a reason. They are great for the skin and when I render them myself it is cheap and affordable. People are made to eat meat. All over the world people eat meat when it is available. Why shouldn’t use it to make soap? Think about where you come from and what your ancestors used. I think when choosing your ingredients that is what you should go with. I.e. someone in Iceland didn’t have access to palm or coconut oil and they lived very well. I find when you take in your skin type and your heritage make the best products.

No! I am vegan & avoid animal use fully.

I have begun to make soap myself because I am vegan and want to ensure the products I use are made as ethically as possible. I think animal use on all levels is unethical, but as well as wanting to avoid animal products, I want to avoid palm oil which many vegan branded commercial soap contains. Again palm oil is a considerably unethical product.
—Guest Andrea

animal oils

I do not use Animal oils in my soaps - I realize that some do and am not against it - I just choose to use Plant oils & butters. I just want to remind all soapmakers to do your homework on the oils that you use. For instance, the controversy on Palm Oil. We need to all do our part and try to refrain from using it. There are other alternatives. Nurture your mind, body soul.
—Guest Harmony

AO For the Bulk

I make soap to be sustainable and to save some money on good soap. At first I thought plant oils were to energy intensive and that AO were the only way to go. Then I found that some vegtable oils were not only easy to aquire, but had great soap making qualities! Unfortunatly they still cost a fair bit to aquire. So I struck a compromise, and this is how. "What is soap?" It is a salt of Sodium (or pottassium) and an oil....any oil. So no matter what you make it of, it is still soap and serves the same function. But some oils do seem to have varying affects on the finished product (I'm sure the chemistry is there somewhere). So I use Tallow (not lard) to make up the functioning bulk (about half to two thirds) of my soap. The rest of the oil is plant based (selected for qualities), I.E. Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter etc. Now I have a bar that is nice and works well, without costing me as much as a "hand crafted" bar from some unknown source. Now I have more soap than I know what to do with.
—Guest Shaun

Using lard is not green, unfortunately.

Using animals is not "green" due to how they're the reason for the pollution in our air, and animals are not made for us, they are not our slaves, and neither are the plants. I don't know how you are religious when Jesus did not even eat meat. :/ The way they are killed in the States is very violently and abusively. They kill slaughter more animals for you so you can make lard soap. Using vegetable oils, or homegrown animal lard(from an actual FARM) is the most peaceful route to making soap. People need to open their hearts, and de-sensitizing themselves to painful, mass killing of living beings. *peace everyone*
—Guest Anna

Animal Fat in my soap

Using animal fat in soap has been a traditional practice for, well, since soap making began. Properly rendered, there is no smell to either fat. Lard and tallow are by products which make wonderful soap. Let's move beyond religion and such. We eat meat, meat provides fat, fat makes soap. I'm not wasting fat. Using AO is an important lesson for kids. First, soapmaking is time spent with family. Using AO from hunting and the butcher teaches home ec and money management, and the need for hygiene. It's fun to make and use your own soap. Plus, it's a chemistry experiment, and a lesson in safety. We all want our children to grow up to be good with money, time and family. Using AO in our soap teaches them all these things, plus the methods for obtaining said oils. Soapmaking is not simply a creative endeavor, it teaches so much more, and why in the blaze would I throw away something that teaches all that?
—Guest Heather

GM CP soapmaker

I use animal fats in my goats milk cold process soaps...not all but most and I have to say that the ones I make using either lard or hand rendered beef tallow make the longest lasting and most gentle soaps. I grew up under the "waste not want not" way of life and still feel the same way. The AF I do use come from clean sources, unlike the commercial soaps where the AF comes from a rendering plant that is basically a disposal for carcasses that come from questionable practices and demise. I don't use cosmetics for this reason...lipsticks etc. are made from the products of those processing plants. I'm not against all vegetable based fats in a soap but prefer to use a combination in mine, they all benefit in one way or another and if you don't want to use a product that makes use of beneficial "waste" then you have the choice not to.
—Guest goatgirl74

No animal products in my soap

I make lovely soap, hard and long lasting, without using animal products. I believe that rather than "respecting the animal" by using every part of it after it's slaughtered for food, it's better to REALLY respect the animal by letting it live.
—Guest Roxanne

Tree Huggers...Blah..blah...blah

Animals are for our use, PERIOD. Use them, Eat them, love them, whatever, it's for our use. You can feel good that they were a gift to you from GOD just like the plants and vegetables. They are a resource for our survival. Stop bickering over such nonsense and get happy with life while you can. We all are only here for a short time. Enjoy what you've got and let others be happy. Help solve problems, don't cause more for others. Honey is sweeter than vinegar....don't be a pickle.

can we use liquid oils

hi. I have seen in soap making videos that they make soaps only with hard oils. Is it ok if we make soaps with just liquid oil and lye? Will it make a difference in product finish? kindly reply. thanks ---------------------- Answer: Sure you can...Castile soap would be a good example of soap made with just liquid (olive) oils. Each oil contributes its own characteristics to the soap. How your soap turns out, depends on the balance of those oils. Check out http://candleandsoap.about.com/od/soapmakingoils/tp/qualitiesofsoapmakingoils.htm for more information.
—Guest gayathri

Did we forget how we got this far??!!!!

The lard/tallow comes from an animal...we know this. The fat is just going to be thrown away. Wasted! Why not use it? And for the people on here that think it's inhumane to kill a a cow for beef, my thoughts on that is that you have forgotten how we have made this long here. Not too many years ago if you didn't eat meat you didn't live. If you don't want animal fat on your skin don't use it. If you don't want to eat meat don't but don't bash the people who do. The lard and tallow soaps are great. So are the veggie soaps. I personally have to say the animal fat soaps are the best. Plus if not used in the soaps and things it is just trashed.
—Guest Toni

Tell us why or why not.

Do you use animal oils in your soap recipes?

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