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Candle & Soap Making: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Make your own natural homemade soap today
Learn how to make soap - start with this overview of the many different ways you can make your own natural homemade soap at home
A wick, some wax, and some flame - the basics...
Make your own candles and bring some warmth and light into your home - fun creative and easy to learn to make candles
Make homemade soap using the cold process "from...
How to make homemade cold process soap - recipes and easy-to-follow instructions to make your own natural handmade soap at home.
6 Basic Soap Recipes for Beginners
Want to start making soap? Here are a collection of tried and true basic recipes from the top soap makers in the country.
Where to Buy Lye for Soap Making
Without lye, there is no soap. But the most common supplier for home-based soap makers, Red Devil, has been discontinued. Here are some places you can get lye for your soap making.
How to Make Your Own Soothing Bath Salts
Basic instructions and recipe to make bath and spa salts
How to Make Basic Melt and Pour Soap
Easy illustrated instructions for making melt and pour soap! Melt and pour soap making gets you started right away making your own natural handmade soap.
Want to Make Candles But Don't Know Which Wax...
Information about the many different types of candle making waxes - and guidance for choosing the right one.
Start Making Your Own Soap with This Basic...
A great recipe to get started making soap - just 4 oils!
How to Make Your Own Liquid Soap at Home
How to make natural liquid soap - how to instructions and recipe
4 Great Basic Olive Oil (Castile) Soap Recipes
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Castile Recipe
How to create your own custom homemade soap...
How to create your own marvelous soap recipes at home - ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions to help you get the perfect bar of homemade soap.
Fun and Luxurious Bath Time with these Fizzy...
Easy to follow instructions how to make fizzy bath bombs - bring some fizz and some wonderfulness to your bath.
How to Make Your Own Shaving Soap
How to make your own cold process shaving soap - with a custom recipe just for shaving.
Problem batch of soap? Here's one way to save it!
How to rebatch soap = grating and remelting soap to save a batch or make hand milled soap
Make soap in a crock pot and have it ready...
How to make hot process soap in a crock pot - easy hot process soap recipe.
Make your soap - then give it a proper label...
A collection of examples of simple ways to wrap, label and package your handmade soap.
A Simple, Safe Recipe for Lye-Water Solution...
How to safely make a lye solution for cold process soap making - mixing, weighing and safety.
Want to Make Soap But Don’t Know Which...
Which oil will give what qualities to your soap recipe? Here's a catalog of the many different oils used for making soap - and the qualities they give to your soap making recipes.
Can You Use Kitchen Salt to Make Bath Salts?
Many different types of salt can be used to make bath salts!
A variety of salt recipes for all occasions
A collection of wonderful bath salts recipes
How to Use 100% Coconut Oil and 20% Superfat in...
Recipe for making a bar of soap that defies all of the rules - a 100% coconut oil soap, with a 20% superfat.
How to Make Simple (but Beautiful) Floating...
How to make basic floating candles - transform a plain bowl of water into a stunning centerpiece.
Make Your Homemade Soap Extra Creamy By Adding...
How to make goat's milk soap - easy soap making recipe and instructions.
Searching for Homemade Soap Recipes? Search No...
Soap making recipes of all types - learn how to make soap - milk soaps, basic soaps, specialty soaps, advanced soap recipes.
7-Step Photo Guide for Basic Container Candles
Many candle makers get their start making container candles. They're fun, pretty easy, and you can use many different kinds of containers for your candles.
Making Homemade Soap? You'll Want to Use one of...
Lye Calculators for Cold Process Soap
How to Make an Ice Candle
How to make an ice candle - basic ice candle instructions
What tools and such do you need to make soap?
A list of the basic soap making tools and equipment you need to get started making soap
What's the difference between fragrance and...
A discussion of the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils in candle making and soap making.
Want to sell your soap? Do it correctly and...
Instructions & guidelines on labeling your soaps for sale at craft shows, markets and retail locations.
How to make homemade soap with just ingredients...
You don't have to have a lot of fancy ingredients to make great soap. This recipe uses only oils that I found at my local store.
Add color to the fizz - with colored fizzy bath...
Step by step instructions for coloring your fizzy bath bombs
Make Salt Soap Bars: An Easy Photo Tutorial
Benefits of salt soap bars - how to make a salt bar - recipe and soap making instructions.
Don't spill good soap - here's how to calculate...
How to calculate the volume of soap needed to fill a particular soap mold.
You Might Be Surprised by Sandy Maine’s...
Sandy Maine's Basic 3-oil Soap Recipe - A good basic 3-Oil soap making recipe to get started
All about different types of candles to make
Examples of different types of candles you can make at home. Links and easy how-to candle making instructions.
Add Some Scrub to Your Soap with Natural...
A little scrubby can make for wonderful soap!
A wonderful minty wake up soap
Step-by-step instructions for Morning Mint melt and pour soap - easy soap making project
Inexpensive soap molds to get you started today
Ideas for inexpensive starter or beginner soap molds - boxes, cartons, tubes, pans, pipes, most of which are already in your kitchen.
Beeswax and honey - perfect together, even in a...
Making soap with both beeswax and honey - using a honeycomb effect in the mold!
Want more bubbles? A little bit of sugar...
Adding sugar to your soap helps increase lather and bubbles
A Luxury Soap with Two Butters for Moisturizing...
Luxury soap recipe with shea butter and cocoa butter.
How to Create Your Own Scent Blends for...
Create custom fragrance blends of fragrance or essential oils for your soaps and candles with this simple blending guide
All about paraffin wax for candle making
Profile of paraffin candle wax - all about paraffin wax and its uses.
Don't burn down the house! Choose safe candle...
How to choose safe containers for your container candles. Candle making safety.
Give Your Soaps Great Natural Colors with These...
Natural colorants in soap making don't have to be boring and muted. Many plant materials, spices and herbs give lovely colors to your soap.
Super bubbly milk soap - with coconut milk
Step by step instructions for making soap with coconut milk - ingredients and special process to make soap with milk.
Just Soap - Recipe for Babies or Sensitive Skin
A recipe for an extra mild soap suitable for babies or those with extra sensitive skin.
How to Make Melt-and-Pour Men's Shaving Soap
Make a custom shaving soap with a melt and pour soap base - by adding a few key ingredients.
Which wax is better? Soy or Paraffin?
Profile of soy candle wax - all about soy wax for candle making and other uses
Make Loofah Soap
Putting loofah into a bar of melt and pour soap gives you easy-to-make soapy exfoliation.
Basic 3-Oil Soap Recipe
Basic 3-Oil Soap Making Recipe - A good super simple recipe to get started making soap
Add a bit of salt to make your soap harder
Adding a bit of salt to your soap can help increase hardness - an inexpensive and easy soap making tip
Just what IS cure in soap making?
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How to superfat your soap recipes
Superfatting cold process soap recipes is common - it adds extra moisturizing qualities and gives you a fudge factor.
Make soap for Christmas gifts with these fun,...
My favorite holiday soap making projects. Homemade soaps make wonderful Christmas gifts - they're practical, sensual, beautiful, and come from your heart and home.
Cold Process Soap Making Videos
A collection of step by step videos demonstrating cold process soap making
What kind of olive oil should you use in your...
Which type of olive oil is right for your soap making recipes? What's the difference in the different grades of olive oil?
You Can Easily Convert Your Homemade Soap...
Recipes and instructions to make your own fabulous homemade shampoo bars.
What's the Difference Between Sodium Hydroxide/...
Explanation of the difference between sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in soap making
Tips and techniques for making homemade liquid...
Resources, recipes and instructions for how to make natural liquid soap
Truly Unique Custom Candles - Inspired by...
Step by step instructions to make your own custom prayer or devotional candles.
Making Soap with Milk Tea Coffee Wine or Beer
You're not limited to just using distilled water in your soap making. Many soapers make soap with goat's milk, coconut milk, coffee, tea or even beer. Making the lye solution for your soap is a bit more tricky though.
What is saponification?
Definition of saponification in soap making process and how oils and lye combine to saponify into soap.,
Making soap with wonderful natural clays
Recipe for making soap with clays
Get started making candles with simple votive...
How to make a simple votive candle in a dixie cup - step by step instructions
How do you make lye from water and wood ashes?
Links to sources of how to make lye the old fashioned way - from leaching wood ashes through water - primitive pioneer soap making
How Soap Cleans
How does soap make things clean? This experiment, suitable for kids, shows how soap cleans using oil, water and soap - which acts as an emulsifier.
How to Make Soleseife or Salt Water Soap
How to make soleseife or salt water soap - making brine/saltwater soap - soleseife recipe
Basic Bath Salts Recipe
Simple recipe for basic bath salts.
Using Percentages vs. Measurements in Soap-Making
Scale your recipe to any size as well as understand the proportions of each oil in the recipe.
A collection of videos to help you get started...
A collection of short how-to videos on candle making - quick overviews on a range of votive, container, beeswax and other candle making projects.
Why Add Honey to Your Homemade Soaps
Information about using honey in hand made soaps - soap making recipes too
Indulge Yourself with This Simple Milk Bath...
Simple recipe for milk bath - made famous by Cleopatra - easy to make for yourself.
How to make soap with different milks (not just...
Using goat's milk, cow's milk, coconut milk or other milks for soap takes some extra steps, but makes for wonderful, creamy homemade soap
Make liquid soap - in your oven with this easy...
Making natural liquid soap in the oven is a fun and easy process - no crock pot necessary.
Can you use crayons to color candles?
Tips on how to use crayons in candle making
Why We Should All Stop Calling It “Glycer...
The term glycerin (glycerine) soap is really a misnomer. All real soap is glycerin soap. Learn why.
Recycle your wax scraps into new candles -...
How to recycle candle wax - odds and ends and scraps of candles are easy to recycle and re-use.
Speed Up or Slow Down Trace in Soap Making
Trace is the point at which the soap has thickened and blended enough to have formed a stable emulsion.
Whip up some room temperature process soap
Step by step instructions to make whipped soap - room temperature cold process soap.
How to make your own powdered homemade laundry...
Recipe for great homemade powdered laundry soap. Easy to make and very inexpensive!
Christmas Chunk Soaps - Easy Melt and Pour Gifts
Step by step instructions for making Melt and Pour Christmas Chunk Soaps
How to Make Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap
Pine Tar is reputed to help with skin conditions like eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and other itchy skin conditions like insect bites.
How to make old fashioned simple hard white...
How to adjust your soap recipes or add soap making ingredients to your recipes to yield bars of simple, hard white homemade soap.
What is "trace" in soap making?
What is. Candle & Soap Making.
Yes, it's smelly - but worth it! Render your...
Instructions for taking fat from the butcher - usually beef fat - and rendering it into tallow useable in your soap recipes.
Using teas in your soap recipes
How to best use teas and herbs used for tea in your soap making.
A unique swirled melt and pour soap project
Instructions to make a swirled melt and pour soap project.
How to Make a Basic Pillar Candle
Basic candle making instructions for a molded pillar candles - Prepare Your Materials
Oatmeal and Goat's Milk Soap Recipe
How to make oatmeal and goat's milk soap - layered palm free soap recipe - ingredients and equipment.
It's the time of year for pumpkin soap!
Pumpkin is a wonderful additive to soap - adding vitamins and great natural color...and perfect for fall soap making.
Make a Simple Rolled Beeswax Candle
Instructions for making a simple rolled beeswax candle. Great for kids.
Beautiful, yet easy - layered container candles
How to make layered container candles - a variation on the standard container candle making project.
Have you ever wondered how melt and pour soap...
A preview of how you can make melt and pour soap base?
A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog - Dog soap recipes...
A clean dog is a happy dog - Here are some easy dog soap recipes for your pup.
Sand Candles - As Easy and as Fun as You...
Step by step instructions for making sand candles - great kids holiday candle making project.
Warmer weather does not have to mean melted...
How can you keep natural whipped body butter from melting in warm temperatures?
How to Make a Beer Candle - Gel and Paraffin...
How to make Beer Candles! Step-by-step instructions on how to make a beer candle for beer and candle lovers.
Cocoa Butter Massage Bars
Instructions to make cocoa butter massage bars - easy to make with ingredients you probably already have.
How to Make Luxurious Soap with Heavy Cream
Making soap with heavy whipping cream can make the soap rich, creamy and extra moisturizing. Here are the preparation steps and methods to make the best milk soaps.
Soothing Oatmeal Bath Salt Recipe
Simple recipe for bath salts formulated with skin soothing oatmeal.
All about candle wicks - history and usage
Information about the history and function of candle wicks - how candle wicks work, how they were developed and the different types of candle wicks.
Easy DIY: How to Make Fizzy, Cleansing Toilet...
Clean your toilet bowl and elminate odors with fizzy toilet bombs - natural toilet cleaner and odor improver
Make a Candle "Dripless"
You can try to make almost any molded candle dripless. Find a tutorial and tips here.
Convert Baking Soda Into Washing Soda for...
How to convert baking soda into washing soda for use in homemade laundry detergent.
How to Make Marbled Container Candles
How to make a container candle with swirled marbled colors!
How to use essential oils safely
How to use essential oils safely in your soaps and candles.
Floating flower candles using a 2 piece mold
Step-by-step instructions to make molded floating flower candles
Make Your Own Homemade Laundry Soap - Here's How
Information and recipes to make your own homemade laundry detergent/soap.
How to Make Soothing Cucumber Soap
Recipe for cucumber soap. Candle & Soap Making.
How to make soap with coffee
Coffee soap is a great soap to make for cooks and coffee lovers alike - it removes garlic and fish odors from hands - exfoliates nicely - and is an exotic change to your normal everyday soap recipe
Coffee Soap Recipe
Soap Making - Recipe for Coffee Soap - Odor Elminating Soap Recipe
Green Tea & Lemongrass Soap Recipe
Recipe for green tea & lemongrass soap.
Soap with Beer? A Must-Try Citrus Honey Bock...
Recipe for Citrus Honey Bock Soap.
Outdoor Candle Buckets with Citronella...
Directions for making mosquito repelling outdoor citronella bucket candles
Save Money on Laundry Detergent by Making Your...
Easy recipe to make homemade laundry soap.
Make luxurious bubbly soleseife soap with...
Luxurious homemade milk soap with the benefits of salt - coconut milk soleseife
Turn your soap into works of art - with these...
How to create magnificent swirls in your soap - cold process swirl tutorials and videos
Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe - Gel
Easy recipe to make homemade laundry soap.
Using a rose baking mold as a candle mold - a...
Step-by-step instructions to make molded rose candles.
An easy DIY soap mold that will last for many...
Make your own soap mold out of a wooden mitre box.
Profile of beeswax and making candles with beeswax - all about beeswax and its uses
Some essential oils can be dangerous to use -...
Toxic and phototoxic essential oils - using essential oils safely in soap, bath and body and other products that involve skin contact
How to Clean Up the Soap Pot
After you've finished making your soap, you have to deal with the cleanup. Here's now to safely clean up after soapmaking.
Candle and soap making videos to show you how...
Video instructions to get you started making soap and candles- videos covering basic candle and soap making - as well as bath & body projects
How to use a pre-mixed lye solution for your...
How to use a liquid lye solution in soap making
Just how are essential oils extracted from the...
Description of water distillation and steam distillation of essential oils.
How to Recycle and Reuse Candle Containers
How to recycle container candle jars and containers.
Resources to Label Your Homemade Candles and...
Help with labeling your great soap and candles for sale.
How will castor oil help my homemade soap recipe?
How unique castor oil blends with other soap making oils and contributes lathering qualities to your homemade soap recipes.
Top safety tips for homemade soap makers
Soap making can be completely safe to do - but accidents can happen if you don't follow these basic safety guidelines in your soap kitchen
Lavender Dream: A Luxuriant Soap Recipe
Recipe for Lavender Dream Soap & Essential Oil Blend
100% Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Recipe
Liquid soap recipe using 100% coconut oil - super foaming and cleansing
Make homemade soap with carrot juice
Recipe for making cold process soap with carrot juice
Everything You Need to Know or Get to Start...
Tips, information, shopping lists and examples of all you need to get started making candles today!
Valentine's Day Funnel Pour Soap Recipe
Equipment, ingredients, colorants and recipe to make the funnel pour cold process swirled soap - with a Valentine's Day red and white theme
Make bath bombs easy with "Make It Fizz" by...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >There is a Yiddish
How to bring best practices into your soap or...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Publisher's Site
How flower petals can improve (or ruin) your...
Flower petals in soap can be great - but only if used correctly. Here's how.
Is your soap in a big gloppy ball? It could be...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >I've been there...trust
Lye Excess in Liquid Soap Making
An explanation of Catherine Failor's Liquid Soap recipe formulations - and the excess of lye
Sugar Scrubs with all the Exfoliation - in an...
How to make individual sugar scrub cubes.
Invigorating Foot Soak/Bath Salts Recipe
How to make bath salts for feet - a simple recipe for salts formulated as a foot soak.
Iced Tea Gel Candle
Gel candle making project - ice cubes in a tall glass of iced tea.
Made a batch of liquid soap? Here's how to...
Dilution help for making liquid soap
Mica Colorants in Soap Making
Information about mica colorants in soap making.

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