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Make Votives Using Molds and Wick Pins


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Make Votive Candles Using Votive Molds and Wick Pins
Votive Molds and Wick Pins

Votive Molds and Wick Pins

David Fisher
The very first article I wrote for this site was How to Make an Easy Votive Candle. The editors at About wanted me to write a candle making article that was for the purest of beginners. A project that would allow them to try out candle making without a lot of investment in equipment or supplies. Well...Votives in Dixie Cups fit the bill. And while it's a perfectly great way to make votive candles, metal votive molds and wick pins are so readily available, that I wanted to update the instructions.

So, while the steps for Making Votive Candles in Dixie Cups are still right, we're going to take a couple of shortcuts.

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