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How to Make Marbled Container Candles


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Basic Setup and Prep for Marbled Container Candles
Setup for Marbled Container Candles

Setup for Marbled Container Candles

David Fisher
For this project you'll need to use concentrated liquid candle dyes (Buy Direct). Dye chips, while great, won't work for this project.

Otherwise, the setup and first few steps for this project are the same for any Container Candle.

For this project, you'll need:

  • Clear glass containers of some sort - I'm using 8 oz. standard jelly jars from the grocery store
  • A container blend wax - I'm using Astorlite J-50(Buy Direct), but there are many great ones to choose from.
  • Appropriate wick for your jar and wax - I'm using an HTP-83 (Buy Direct), (though there are several wicks you could use - another good choice is the 51-32-18z zinc)
  • Fragrance, as desired
  • Wick bars or a plastic straws to keep the wick centered
  • Basic candle making equipment
  • a basic understanding of candle making safety.
You'll also need a heat gun, some toothpicks and a long piece of straight wire. (I use a long wick pin, but a piece of wire coat hanger works great too.)

Start your candle following the instructions for a Container Candle:

  1. Set your wicks
  2. Weigh and melt your wax. (You don't need to preheat your containers, we'll be getting them plenty hot in a couple of steps)
  3. Add your fragrance (I'm not using any color in the main part of the candle - I'm leaving that white - though you could color the main part of the candle a color if you wanted.)
  4. Pour the wax into the jars
And here's where we'll depart from the basic container candle instructions.
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