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How to Make Marbled Container Candles


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Instructions for Making Marbled Container Candles
Marbled Container Candles

Marbled Container Candles

David Fisher
The humble Container Candle actually has much more potential than we often give it credit for. You don't have to be limited to just one color wax in a Jelly Jar, (though that is perhaps the candle most often made, especially by beginners.) You can do Layered Container Candles, you can use interesting containers like Coffee Cups or Small Metal Buckets (or shot glasses or sea shells or ceramic bowls or beer glasses...). If it's fire proof and leak proof, chances are you can make a candle out of it!

This project, while it uses a Jelly Jar, goes wild with color. The technique I use here produces a feathered, marbled, almost tie-dyed, look. Each one you do will be a unique creation.

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