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Make Layered Container Candles


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A Variation on the Basic Container Candle
Layerd Containers Setup

Layered Containers

David Fisher
Like votives or pillar candles, container candles can be poured in layers too. The layers can have different colors, or, as is popular these days, different colors and scents. (Almost like getting two candles for the price of one - one scent on the top layer, and another underneath.) There are a couple of extra steps involved, but the procedure is basically the same as in Basic Container Candles.

For this project, you'll need:

  • Clear glass containers of some sort - I'm using 8 oz. standard jelly jars from the grocery store. Clear mason jars or high-ball glasses work well too
  • A container blend wax - I'm using Astorlite J-300, which is specifically designed for layered container candles, but J50 or other container blend waxes will work too - there are many great ones to choose from.
  • An appropriate wick for your jar and wax - I'm using a 51-32-18z, zinc core wick
  • Color and fragrance as desired
  • Wick bars or a plastic straw to keep the wick centered
  • Basic candle making equipment
  • and a basic understanding of candle making safety.

Let's get started.

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