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How to Make a Beer Candle


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How to Make a Beer Candle
Beer Candle Setup

Beer Candle Setup

David Fisher
We've featured articles about essential oils in cocktails, so why not a candle that looks like a foaming mug of beer. Actually, beer candles are just one of the many many different styles of candles that are designed to look like food. From pies to fruit to cinnamon buns to ice cream sundaes, if it's edible, someone has surely made a candle look-alike of it!

But let's start with beer. For this beer candle project you'll need:

  • A glass beer mug
  • Candle gel (I used Penreco's MD Gel - Medium Density)
  • Standard paraffin wax (I used IGI 1343, but pretty much any pillar or votive wax will do - I wouldn't use container wax)
  • An appropriate wick - I used a 51-32-18z in this 3" container - some companies make wicks specially made for gel. Because gel melts slower than wax, you may need to use a larger wick that you would in a paraffin candle. Start small, and test, test, test.
  • Fragrance and/or color as desired
  • A wire whisk
  • Standard candle making equipment
  • A basic understanding of candle making safety
Let's get started!

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