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How to Make Container Candles
Setup for Container Candles

Setup for Container Candles

David Fisher
Many candle makers get their start making container candles. They're fun, pretty easy, and you can use many different kinds of containers for your candles - glasses, jars, buckets, cups, bowls and more. It just has to be a safe container - leak proof and fire proof! Add color and fragrances, and you've got a nearly unlimited variety of possibilities.

We're going to use a container candle "classic" - the jelly jar. For this project, you'll need:

  • Containers of some sort - I'm using 8 oz. standard jelly jars from the grocery store
  • A container blend wax - I'm using Astorlite J-50, but there are many great ones to choose from.
  • Appropriate wick for your jar and wax - I'm using a 51-32-18z, zinc core wick (though there are several wicks you could use)
  • Color and fragrance as desired
  • Wick bars or a plastic straw to keep the wick centered
  • Basic candle making equipment
  • and a basic understanding of candle making safety.

Let's get started.

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