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Mosquito Votives

Bug Repelling Little Candles


Mosquito Votives

Mosquito Votives

David Fisher
The mosquitoes are out, I'm sorry to report. But I'm glad to say that we candle makers can lighten up our outdoors and repel the mosquitoes at the same time.

Many of you like the Citronella Bucket Candles, or the dramatic, primitive, Citronella Torch Candles. But what do you do if you want a more intimate setting...or are using the candles in a smaller space? Citronella votives. Cute and functional at the same time.

They're really not much different than making a regular votive candle. The key is to substitute your normal favorite fragrance oil for a Mosquito Repelling Essential Oil Blend. You can use just plain Citronella essential oil...but I like the blends better. Not only do they smell better, but they seem to work better too.

Make your votives as you normally would using either the Votives Using Wick Pins & Metal Molds or even the Dixie Cup Votive instructions, and add your fragrance oil at about 4-6%. That's about .5 - 1 ounce of essential oil per pound of wax. Test out your particular blend. Remember, it's o.k. if they smoke a bit or don't burn perfectly. The key here is to get the scent out in the air!

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