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Baby Food Jar Candles

Part Votive - Part Container


Baby Food Jar Candles

Baby Food Jar Candles

David Fisher
As I said in the instructions for Basic Container Candles, the great thing about making container candles is the vast variety of containers that you can use. Basically any container that will hold the wax, withstand the heat of the flame, and allow the flame to burn will work!

Well thank goodness! I have dozens and dozens of baby food jars leftover from my son's months of strained carrots, green beans, and oatmeal. So container candles it is!

To make them, follow the instructions for Basic Container Candles. I used a container blend wax, Astorlite J-50, and zinc wicks appropriate for votive candles of the same size - 44-24-18z.

I used an essential oil blend of Lavender (40%), Rosemary (40%), and Patchouli (20%) - (but you can use any fragrance you like.)

Set the wicks like any other container candle. Melt, fragrance and pour your wax likewise.

Pretty simple! I like to use the jars outside on the deck, or in the window in the kitchen. Basically anywhere you could use a small votive. Like a votive in a votive holder, you can re-use the containers...BUT...make sure that the jar does not have any cracks or chips. The repeated heating and cooling of the candle jars seems to make them more prone to cracking - which can be very unsafe. So...if you've got a lot of jars, like I do, it's easier and safer to just make new candles with new jars. When your tot is onto solid food and you run out of jars, just find a friend with a baby who will pass the jars on to you! I'm sure they'll be glad to trade them for a couple of lavender candles to bring some calm to their hectic baby-filled world!

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