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Rolled Candles


Rolled beeswax candle

Simple rolled beeswax candles

David Fisher
Definition: Rolled candles are made with pliable (roll-able) sheets of wax with a wick at the center. The most common are made with sheets of beeswax 8" x 16". They are great, safe, easy candles to make.

You can also make your own sheets of wax using any kind of wax, by either pouring a very thin layer of wax into a shallow pan lined with wax paper, or dipping a piece of wood (pre-soaked in water) into melted wax and peeling the wax off of the wood.

Rolled candles can be made in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, sculpted into forms and shapes, scented or unscented. Like most candles...the only limit is your imagination.

Also Known As: Rolled candles
I took a sheet of beeswax and rolled it into a simple taper candle.
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