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Blue and White Swirls in Cold Process Soap Making


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Blue and White Swirled Soap
White and Blue Swirl

White and Blue Swirl Soap

David Fisher
Often times, soap makers (and candle makers for that matter) are trying to color their soaps (or candles) a color other than white. Whether it's adding a purple swirl, or a bright yellow tint, or green speckles, or layers of orange and red...we're starting with white and making it something different. But white can be a really nice component to a soap design - you just have to plan ahead a bit. But we're not talking about just plain white soap. This soap is actually a two-color swirl - using white as one of the colors. You can use the exact same technique to do a two-color swirl with two other colors.

This swirl technique would be called an "in-the-mold" technique, similar to the slab mold swirl, or even the column mold swirl.

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