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Soap on a Rope


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Let's Put Your Soap on a Rope
Soap on a Rope setup

Soap on a Rope setup

David Fisher

Soaps on Ropes!

I had them when I was a kid...you probably did too. It's mostly a novelty - the soap is the same with or without the rope...but it really does add a great convenience factor. And...because it keeps the soap from sitting in any water, your soap lasts longer. So let's make some!

For this project, you need:

  • Some soap - you can use melt and pour or cold process soap...
  • A mold - the 3D molds I have here (and that are listed on the right) are great for making soaps on ropes...but, as you'll see, you can make it with any soap mold
  • Some rope - nylon is good because it's not affected by the water, but, as I'm going to do here, you can use decorative ropes or natural ropes as well. I usually allow about 18" - 24" per soap.
  • Some scissors for the rope
  • A spray bottle of rubbing alcohol if you're using melt and pour base
  • Basic soapmaking setup appropriate for the kind of soap you are making including whatever colors, fragrances or additives you are putting in your soap
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