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Making Swirled Soap Using the Column Swirl Method


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The Column Swirl Method
finished column swirl soap

Finished column swirl soap

David Fisher
It's fun how soap makers will take inspiration from nature, from art, or just their wild imaginations. The "column swirl" method of soap making was originally inspired by a Facebook Video of a painter using this technique. Debbie Chialtas of SoapyLove passed on the clip on her SoapyLove Facebook page and we all were amazed - and we all thought "Gee...if only we could do that with soap!" Texas soapmaker Amanda Griffin took the plunge, tried it, and posted the results on her Lovin' Soap blog. I got to see Margie Lemons of Hill Country Haiku, one of the most skilled soap swirlers I know do it in person in a demo on the column swirl method at the Lone Star Soap & Toiletries gathering.

So I had to try it for myself. For the batch in these photos I used 6 colors. I had round columns rather than star-shaped, and I poured at a really light trace which gave me less defined swirls, but more of a tie-dyed look.

For a real step-by-step look at this process, check out the photo gallery I created of this project - Column Swirl Soap Making Photo Gallery.

For a more traditional "in-the-mold" swirl, not using columns, check out Four Color In-the-Mold Soap Swirl

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