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Soap Making Tips, Techniques and Tricks

A collection of soap making tips, tricks and techniques

Marbling Cold Process Soap Techniques with Irene Linauer
How to marble your soap like a pro - learn from the marbling pro, Irene Linauer.

What is Ash on Soap?
Explanation of "ash" in soap making - how to prevent it and what causes it in the first place.

Mailbag Monday - Reader's Questions about Candle and Soap Making
Through email and through the Candle and Soap Making Forum, I get dozens of questions each week. I do my best to answer them quickly and share my experience. Mailbag Monday is a feature where I'll share reader's questions and the answers. You can ask questions about candle making, soap making, or any of the related crafts that we engage in. ...

Soap on a Rope
instructions to make soap on a rope using 3D soap mold and single cavity soap mold

Using White as a Color in Soap
Step by step instructions to use white as a colorant in soap making.

Coloring Soap with Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Coloring Soap with Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Goat's Milk Soap
Tips for making goat's milk soap

Using Vanilla and Vanilla-Containing Fragrance Oils in Your Soap
Why do vanilla and vanilla-containing fragrance oils discolor soap?

Using Honey in Soap Making
Information about using honey in hand made soaps - recipes included

Using Natural Exfoliants in Your Soap
List of exfoliants you can use in your soaps

Using a Liquid Lye Solution in Soap Making
How to use a liquid lye solution in soap making

Using Herbs and Teas in Soap
Tip for how to use teas and herbs used for tea in your soap

Testing a Natural Colorant for Soap Making
Natural colorants are wonderful for soap making, but before you throw some carrots or seaweed into your soap, do a few simple tests.

Adding Salt to Your Soap to Increase Hardness - Soap Making Tip
Adding a bit of salt to your soap can help increase hardness - an inexpensive and easy soap making tip

Add Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles - Soap Making Tip
Adding sugar to your soap helps increase lather and bubbles

Cooling Your Lye with a Water Bath
To get your lye water to cool more quickly, you can place it in a water bath in your sink.

How to Convert Baking Soda to Washing Soda
How to convert baking soda into washing soda for use in homemade laundry detergent.

Making Swirled Soap Using the Column Swirl Method
How to make swirled soap using the column swirl method.

Four Color In-the-Mold Soap Swirl
How to swirl in the mold - using vibrant colors, pigments or micas

Swirl Swirl Swirl - How to Make Swirls in Your Cold Process Soap
How to create magnificent swirls in your soap - cold process swirl tutorials and videos

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