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How to Prime a Standard Candle Wick for Use in Gel Candle Making


Gel Container Candle

Gel Container Candle

David Fisher
One of the greatest things about gel candles is the clarity of the wax. Even without things suspended or embedded in the wax, the clear gel can be used to create beautiful candles.

While there are a few companies that make wicks specially for gel candle making that are primed with gel wax, standard paraffin-coated candle wicks will burn just fine in gel candles too. The only problem is that they can sometimes cause cloudiness as the paraffin coating seeps off into the gel.

To prevent this clouding, we're basically going to re-prime the wick with candle gel.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Melt a few ounces of candle gel wax in your melt pot. Bring it to about 210°. Be sure to very carefully watch the temperature. With just a small quantity of wax, it's easy to overheat it!
  2. Take your standard candle wick and let it soak in the melted candle gel. You'll see the paraffin melt off of the wick. It will likely sputter and bubble a bit.
  3. Let the wick soak in the hot melted gel for about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Using some tongs, pull the wick out of the gel and let it cool on a clean, flat surface like a cutting board or aluminum foil. Discard the melted gel wax in the pot.
  5. Use this now gel-wax-coated wick in your gel candles just as you would any other wick. But now, since there's no paraffin in it, it won't cloud your nice clear gel candles.


  1. Just because you've primed it with gel wax, doesn't mean that every wick will work in gel. This technique just keeps pre-primed wicks from clouding the gel. You'll still need to choose an appropriate size/type of wick for your candle.

What You Need

  • Standard candle wick
  • Gel candle wax
  • Melting pot
  • Tongs to remove the wick from the melt pot
  • Foil or cutting board to cool the wick on

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