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Candle Making Tips, Techniques & Troubleshooting.

Once you've got the basics down, look here for tips and techniques to improve your craft.

Mailbag Monday - Reader's Questions about Candle and Soap Making
Through email and through the Candle and Soap Making Forum, I get dozens of questions each week. I do my best to answer them quickly and share my experience. Mailbag Monday is a feature where I'll share reader's questions and the answers. You can ask questions about candle making, soap making, or any of the related crafts that we engage in. ...

How to Prime a Standard Candle Wick for Use in Gel Candle Making
How to prime a wick to use in gel candle making and prevent cloudiness.

Candle Making Cleanup
Tips for cleaning up after your candle making project

Natural Colors in Candles
Natural Colorants in Candles - Natural Colors in Soy Wax Container Container Candles

How Soap Cleans
Kids experiment shows how soap cleans.

Can I Use Crayons to Color My Candles?
Can I use crayons to color my candles? Or make candles out of melted crayons?

Clean Metal Votive Molds
How to Clean Metal Votive Molds After Candle Making

Candle Making Tips - What Temperature to Add the Fragrance Oil
Most waxes melt at between 120 and 140 degrees. But adding the fragrance oil at a lower temperature will not give you the best results. What temperature is best to add the fragrance oil to your candles?

Candle Making - Quick Wick Testing
Wick Testing is the most important part of your candle making - here's a great easy way to do it!

How to Recycle Wax Scraps
Any candle maker - or even candle user - will have lots of odds and ends and scraps of candles left over. Here are some ways to reuse them.

How to Make a Candle Dripless - Candle Making Instructions
Candle Making - How to make a candle dripless.

Topping Off with a Heat Gun
There is no need for second pours in candle making when you have a heat gun - use the heat gun to top off your candles easily

Discarding the Water from the Double Boiler
Discarding the water from your candle making double boiler down the sink drain can cause wax build up over time

Cooling Candles in a Water Bath
Cooling candles in a water bath helps give your candles a harder, glossier finish. Here are instructions.

Candle Making Troubleshooting Guide
Having some problems with your candles? Experimentation and testing is part of perfecting your hand made candle making, but these troubleshooting tips can help you identify just what's wrong.

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