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Garage Sale Tips for Candle and Soap Making Supplies

One Soapmaker's Trash is Another One's Treasure


Garage Sale Tips for Candle and Soap Making Supplies
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We've all done it.

We've been shopping for candle or soap making supplies and found something we just had to have, or had to try. There are so many fascinating tools, fragrances, ingredients, molds, additives & etc. for our craft - we just want to try them all!

But what often happens (to me at least), is that I end up buying too much, or try it and just don't like it. That doesn't mean that it's not a good ingredient - it just means it's not the right ingredient for me.

Here's an example: I was getting started making bath salts, and read that dendritic salt would help anchor the fragrance. So I ordered 5 lbs. Well...in most bath salts recipes, you use up to 5% dendritic salt - so 5 lbs. will make 100 lbs. of finished product! Needless to say, there's still about 4 lbs. of it sitting in my cabinet.

In her awesome book, Throw Out Fifty Things, author Gail Blanke talks about how all of the excess "stuff" in our lives weighs us down and makes us less effective rather than more productive.

So let's get rid of some of it!

The good news is that none of us is alone in this - we've all got some stuff lying around. The even better news is that one soap/candle maker's trash is another's treasure...and we can transform that trash into treasure with a soap and candle making supplies garage sale You may have always wanted to try dendritic salt, but have never wanted to buy a whole lot. So I list some of the items that I don't need...and you buy them at a big discount. I created the Ads, Sales & Special Promos section of the Candle and Soap Making Forum for just that purpose. On it, you can list garage sales and things you want to get rid of, and find an audience of folks that would love to take the items off your hands.

A few guidelines for garage sales, though:

  • As with life, honesty is the best policy. Be really honest and really clear about what you are listing. Be sure to list the weight, sizes and any other details you may know. If you have a link to the vendor you bought it from, that's really helpful. If it's a perishable ingredient like a base or essential oil, list the age of the ingredient too. If you can post or add pictures, that's wonderful and will really help sell your items.
  • Handle your transactions off list. Please don't negotiate the sale on the forum. Be sure to leave clear instructions for how to contact you about the sale. If you want to ask/answer a question about an item that other folks may also want to know the answer to, that's fine, though.
  • Like in your neighborhood, try to limit the number of sales you have. Nothing is more irritating that the same person listing the same things over and over and over again, month after month. If no one buys it after a couple of tries, it's probably a sign that it needs to be given or thrown away.
  • One way to sell things quickly, and/or sell odd items is to group them together into a "lot" of supplies - make people a super package deal.
  • Consider just selling/giving your items away for just the cost of the shipping. This is a great way to clear the clutter and open up new space for new items.
  • Garage sale transactions are solely between the person listing the item and the person purchasing the item. Neither I or About.com can take any responsibility for the transaction. Use the same caution and good judgment that you would purchasing an item from a classified ad or garage sale. If you have a problem with a sale, handle it directly with the person involved.
  • Remember that the ultimate goal here is not to make money, it's to reduce your clutter. The sense of freedom and accomplishment you will feel when you finally release some of these lonely leftover supplies is wonderful - (almost as good as the feeling when you score a really good deal on a really cool ingredient/tool/item that you just can't live without!)

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