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Soap and Candle Making Supplies

Need to outfit yourself with the tools for soap or candle making? Need ingredients, raw materials or additives for your soaps and candles? Check out these vendors of soap and candle making supplies.
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Melt and Pour Soap Making Holiday Gift List
Many soap makers get their start making melt and pour soap - and many soap makers never stop. While there is an ease and safety to melt and pour soap, there is also a versatility and artistry that is hard to match in cold process soap. If you have a melt and pour soap maker (or budding soap maker) on your holiday gift list, here are some great...

Camden Grey Essential Oils (and More)
Known for their high-quality and wide selection of essential oils, Camden Grey also carries a great selection of soap and candle making supplies.

From Nature With Love
From Nature With Love offers a large selection of natural ingredients used in soap making - base oils, fragrances, melt n pour base and more including ingredients for skin care, hair care, toiletries, aromatherapy, spa products and herbal preparations.

Candlewic Candle & Soap Making Supplies
Great selection of candle AND soap supplies with good sales and good prices.

Columbus Essentials
A nice variety of therapeutic-grade essential oils - for aromatherapy, food, bath & body applications.

Jo-ann Craft Supplies
A superstore for crafters, they carry a lot of basic candle and soap making supplies!

Resources for Candle and Soap Labels
Top Picks for Resources for Labelling Candles and Soaps - Candle and Soap Label Resources

Soap Equipment
A division of Willow Way LLC, both professionals and beginners soap maker can find both soap and candle making equipment, tools, supplies and accessories.

Garage Sale Tips for Candle and Soap Making Supplies
Too much "stuff" lying around your craft room? Are you a soap and candle making supplies "hoarder"? Here are guidelines and tips for having a soap or candle making supplies garage sale.

Calculating the Size/Amount of Soap to Fill a Soap Mold
How to calculate the volume of soap needed to fill a particular soap mold.

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