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Summertime Essential Oil Blends


In the warm weather of summer, these essential oil blends will help your soap and candles keep you calm, cool and in a "livin' is easy" kind of mood...

1. Citrus Soother Essential Oil Blend

Citrus Fruits
Robin Macdougall / Getty Images
A complex, robust mixture of lavender, lime, rose geranium and patchouli

2. Hello Sunshine Essential Oil Blend

Sun Mandala
New Vision Technologies Inc / Getty Images
A bright, refreshing summertime blend that also doubles as an effective insect repellent.

3. Mystic Essential Oil Blend

Sultry Summertime
Tony Sweet / Getty Images
An unusual essential oil blend, suited for a sultry summer evening.

4. Summer Grove Essential Oil Blend

Woman picking oranges
Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images
A delightful simple, yet wonderful, mixture of grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime - inspired by beautiful Italian citrus groves.

5. Tea with Vita Essential Oil Blend

Quarto, Inc. / Getty Images
A sweet, spicy, floral, fruity mixture of spearmint, neroli and clove.

6. Orange & Patchouli Essential Oil Blend

Orange and Mint - a perfect blend
Jonathan Kantor / Getty Images
A bright, fresh, clean scent, suitable for both men and women. Mint and citrus are perfect for summertime!

7. Lemon Poppy Seed Soap

Lemon Poppy Seed Soap
David Fisher
This soap recipe, which would often feature a simple essential oil blend with lemon and/or litsea cubea, uses some "lemon-ish" essential oils. I thought about using litsea cubea, lemon eucalyptus or lemongrass – all have strong lemon scents to them. I ended up creating a blend of niaouli, bergamot, and cedarwood. The niaouli and bergamot have citrusy scents with a lot of “green” camphoraceousness in them. The cedarwood gives them a green woodsy base note.

For this blend, I used:

  • 29% cedarwood - .6 ounce
  • 33% bergamot - .7 ounce
  • 38% niaouli - .8 ounce
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