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Summer Grove Essential Oil Blend


Woman picking oranges

Woman picking oranges

Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images
This blend was contributed by Sarah Bogle of Artisan Soap Shoppe LLC. She says, "This recipe was inspired by a fabulous Italian view of a citrus grove in the Mediterranean. I only wish it was my privilege to have seen the grove in person. Sadly, the closest I've come so far is the Travel Channel..."


  • 2 parts grapefruit
  • 2 parts orange
  • 1 part lime
  • 1 part lemon


Mix the essential oils together in parts (1 part = whatever measure you are using - one drop, one teaspoon, one ounce etc.)

Let the blend sit for an hour or more before mixing it into your soap or candle project. Add to your favorite beauty, soap or toiletry recipe in the appropriate percentage and dream of incredibly beautiful Italian citrus groves!

Here's more information on experimenting with your own custom essential oil blends.

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