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Orange & Patchouli Essential Oil Blend


orange and mint

Orange and Mint - a perfect blend

Jonathan Kantor / Getty Images
This blend was contributed by Susan Svec of Susan's Soaps & More. She says "This is a really fresh, clean scent that is great for both men and women. We use it in our Fresh Citrus Shampoo Bar. Mint and citrus are always perfect for summertime. Refreshing and light."


  • 6 parts orange
  • 2 parts patchouli
  • 1 part peppermint


Mix the essential oils together in parts (1 part = whatever measure you are using - one drop, one teaspoon, one ounce etc.) Let the blend sit for a few days to let it completely "mix" together...and remember that it's going to smell different straight out of the bottle than it does in your soap or candles.

For some variety, Susan suggests also trying spearmint instead of peppermint in the blend. I love corn mint in blends too, but it's a bit harder to find.

Here's more information on experimenting with your own custom essential oil blends.

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