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Mystic Essential Oil Blend


Mystic Summer

Mystic Sultry Summertime

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This blend was contributed by Susan Svec of Susan's Soaps & More. She says "This is somewhat of an unusual blend, but everyone in our shop really likes it. It makes a great summer blend with the fresh scent of lemon and the hint of licorice scent from the basil. I named it Mystic because it seems very esoteric to me. A scent that you can enjoy for a long time, but unique to itself."


  • 6 parts lemon
  • 3 parts cypress
  • 3 parts basil
  • 1 part coriander


Mix the essential oils together in parts (1 part = whatever measure you are using - one drop, one teaspoon, one ounce etc.) Let the blend sit for a few days to let it completely "mix" together...and remember that it's going to smell different straight out of the bottle than it does in your soap or candles.

Other than the lemon, these may not be essential oils you regularly have on your shelf. If you don't have basil essential oil, you could substitute a bit of star anise essential oil. Instead of coriander, you could try a bit of other "green" scented oils, like rosemary or eucalyptus...and you could substitute fir or pine for the cypress. Naturally, it will be a completely different blend when you substitute different oils - but that's the really exciting part of experimenting with blends!

Here's more information on experimenting with your own custom essential oil blends.

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