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Christmas Chunk Soaps


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Unmold and Enjoy!
Finished Chunk Soap

Finished Chunk Soap

David Fisher
Once the soap has cooled, pop it out of the molds and enjoy!

And don't just use this recipe during Christmas...you can use any combination of colors or styles for the chunks. It can just as easily be "Spring Blossoms" chunk soap, or "Summer Confetti" chunk soap.

If you want to make chunk soap with Cold Process soap, the process is pretty much the same. Instead of melting the soap to make the chunks, you'll just have to make a small batch, or, recyle bars of soap into chunks. You can even use melt and pour chunks with a cold process overpour! (I like to use clear melt and pour base with a colored overpour - it looks like chunks of crystal or ice in the soap!)

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