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Soap Felting - How to Felt a Bar of Soap


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Tips for Felting Soap
Felting Soap

Felting Soap

David Fisher
Here are a few tips for felting the soap:
  • Use a good bar of soap that has good lather. If you're making it from scratch, up the coconut or palm kernel oil a bit.
  • Don't use a soap that has any flower petals or seeds or other additives in it - it won't hurt anything, they just won't make it through the felt - they'll be left behind.
  • For that matter, if you're going to be felting the soap, you don't even have to worry about color at all.
  • I'm told by my weaving friend, that Merino Wool works best for felting - but you can basically use any wool roving- or even wool/silk blends. Experiment!
  • It will take some experimentation to find the right amount of wool to use to make the thickness of felt that you like.
  • Using very hot water seems to speed things along.
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