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Soap Felting - How to Felt a Bar of Soap


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Let's Get Started Making a Felted Bar of Soap
Materials Needed

Soap and Wool

David Fisher
We've all used nylon scrubbies in the soaps for the shower or bath, and we've all added seeds or flowers or other additives to make our soaps more exfoliating, but this project uses the process of making raw wool into felt to create a washcloth and soap in one.

For this project you'll need:

  • A bar of fully cured soap - from whatever soap recipe you want.
  • Some raw wool - often called "roving"
  • Hot water
  • A washboard, or ribbed mat of some sort (optional) - I used a sushi-rolling mat. I've heard other people use the ribbed top of a tupperware-type container. It's not required, but it does seem to help speed the process.
  • The bottom of an old pair of pantyhose or knee-highs (likewise, optional) - These too aren't required, but they do seem to help keep the wool more evenly distributed around the soap.

For a video version of this project, watch my How to Felt Soap With Wool video.

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