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Lavender-Mint Soap Recipe


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Mix, Mix, Mix
Mixing Oxides

Mixing the Oxide with Oil

David Fisher
First things first, make your lye solution. It will need time to cool - but don't worry, there's plenty to do.

Weigh out all of your soap making oils and get them ready to go. Then get your mold ready. You can make this type of soap in nearly any kind of mold, but for this batch, I'm using a Plexiglas log mold like they carry at The Soap Hutch. I have made hundreds of batches of soap in this mold. I love it! This mold makes 3.5 inch wide bars of soap in a log 18 inches long. I formulate my batch to come out to be 2.5 inches deep...so I get about 18 4-oz. bars out of one log. Line the mold with freezer paper or several layers of wax paper and prop up one side so that it's setting at an angle.

Next, mix your oxides with a little oil. This will help them mix into the soap better. I'm putting 1/4 tsp. of oxide in 6 tbs. of oil. (Just take the oil out of your already measured out liquid oils.)

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