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100% Lard Soap for Laundry Soap Base


homemade laundry soap ingredients

Homemade laundry soap

David Fisher
This is a good basic recipe for a 1 lb. batch of soap to use as a base for homemade laundry soap. It will be low sudsing, stable and long lasting. It has 0% superfat, so you must be careful to measure carefully. There is no superfatting to give you a buffer against mis-measuring.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes


  • 14.1 oz. (400 grams) lard
  • 2 oz. (56 grams) of lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • 4 oz. (112 grams) of water
  • .5 to .7 ounce of essential or fragrance oil if desired


Follow the basic instructions for making cold process soap making sure that you measure very carefully.

Don't overheat the lard, or else it can start to smell "cooked" - and you certainly don't want that in your laundry.

Once the bar is cut and cured, you can use it as the base for your homemade laundry soap.

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