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Fisherman and Hunter's Soap

The Hunter & Angler's Secret Weapon


Fisherman and Hunter's Soap
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I have made lots of soap with anise essential oil before, but my earliest memories of anise essential oil come from my childhood. My grandfather used to dip his hooks in a tiny bottle of anise essential oil, and swore that it helped attract fish. He was always successful...so I can't doubt him on this. I don't know whether it actually attracted the fish, or it just masked human scent and hence, didn't repel the fish.

If you're using this for a hunter, just use the anise essential oil in a normal balanced soap recipe. If you're using it for a salt water fisherman, make it with a recipe with only coconut oil, and will lather well in even in the salt water.

  1. Make a soap using 100% coconut oil. Be sure to calculate your lye using a recipe lye calculator!
  2. Scent it with Anise essential oil. I would start with about .7 ounce of essential oil for each pound of oils. That is...for each 16 ounces of oils in your recipe, use .7 ounce of essential oil. This will give you a really strong scent. If it's too strong for you...back it down to .5 ounce per pound of oils.
  3. After you pour the soap, check on it more often than you would for a standard recipe. It is going to get very hard very quickly. You'll need to unmold it and cut it soon. (As little as 4-5 hours!)
Let your fisherman (or woman) friends scrub their hands with the soap and see what sort of fish tales they bring back!

Email me if you get any good ones!

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