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Coffee Soap Recipe

A Soap Making Recipe Treat for Cooks and Coffee Lovers


Anyone who just loves the scent of coffee will love this coffee soap recipe. But it's also great for cooks because the coffee absorbs odors like garlic and fish.

To make this Coffee Soap recipe -

  1. Start with a Basic Soap Recipe.
  2. Substitute double strength coffee for your water in the lye-water solution. (Be sure you understand how to make a lye solution with liquids other than water.
  3. At trace, add in 1-2 tsp. of the used coffee grounds for every pound of soap in your recipe.
  4. You can add a coffee fragrance if you like, though the coffee scent will come through lightly even without it. I've also made it with a bit of peppermint essential oil as well - a lovely combination.
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