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Soap Making Recipes

Just starting out and want to try a tested recipe? Or are you an experienced soap maker and looking for something new to try. Browse through this collection of great soap recipes.
  1. Basic Soap Recipes (7)
  2. Homemade Laundry Soap (6)
  3. Liquid Soap Recipes (3)
  4. Milk Soap Recipes (6)
  5. Soaping with Food (10)
  6. Specialty Soap Recipes (25)

Soap Making Recipes Directory
Directory of soap making recipes from basic soap making recipes to soaps with botanical additives to specialty soaps

Olive Oil (Castile) Soap Recipe
Easy recipes for making Castile Olive Oil Soap

Good Old Fashioned Hard White Soap
recipes for old fashioned hard white soap

What are Your Favorite Soap Making Recipes?
What are your favorite soap making recipes?

Confetti Shred Soaps
Step by step instructions to make soap with shreds or chunks

Lavender Dream Soap Recipe
Recipe for Lavender Dream Soap & Essential Oil Blend

Lavender Mint Layered Soap Recipe
Recipe and Instructions to Make Lavender Mint Multi-Layered Soap

Christmas Chunk Soaps
Step by step instructions for making Melt and Pour Christmas Chunk Soaps

Father's Day Soap Recipes
Great soap recipes and gift ideas for Dad - Give him soap for Father's Day.

Cool Water Melt and Pour Soap Project
Melt and pour soap project with a blue mica swirl.

Make Your Own Homemade Laundry Detergent/Soap
Making my own homemade laundry soap (what we're making is not laundry detergent, it's laundry soap) is super easy...and so much cheaper than store bought laundry detergent - just a few cents per load!) Plus, like all of our homemade soaps, you know exactly the ingredients you are putting into it! You can use this soap in both cold and hot water...

Homemade Powdered Laundry Soap
Recipe for great homemade powdered laundry soap. Easy to make and very inexpensive!

Basic Soap Making Recipes
When someone decides that they want to get started making soap, often they want to get started now . And while I'm a big proponent of understanding the qualities of soap making oils in order to create your own

Fishermans Soap Recipe
Recipe for Fishermans Soap - Attracts Fish

Coconut Milk Soap
How to make soap with coconut milk - making soap with milk - creamy and wonderful lather!

Housewarming Soap Recipe Combination
A great combination of soap for any household -Gardener's Soap great for cleaning dirty hands - Mechanic's Soap for the grimiest jobs - and Kitchen Coffee Soap to battle cooking odors

Using Flowers & Vegetables in Soap Making & Candle Making
A garden of possibilities abound when you use flowers and vegetables to incorporate into and inspire your soap making and candle making.

Autumn Mica Embeds in Cold Process Soap

Orange Creamsicle Melt and Pour Soap
Orange Creamsicle melt and pour soap project

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