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Coconut Oil Profile




David Fisher
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  • Adds Hardness to Bar?:

    Yes! Makes a nice hard, very white bar of soap!

    Creates Fluffy Lather?:

    Yes! Big fluffy lightweight bubbles.

    Creates Stable Lather?:

    No...though it certainly does add to the lather. Use a combination of other oils to make the lather more stable.

    Adds Moisturizing Qualities?:

    No. Most soap makers warn not to use more than about 30% coconut oil in your recipe or else it will be drying. There is some debate about this - but 30% still makes a super hard fluffy lathering bar! And there are plenty of other moisturizing oils.

    However, as a bit of a soap making anomaly, you can make a wonderful bar of 100% coconut oil soap by significantly increasing the superfat to 20%.

    Other qualities-:

    Coconut oil is the backbone of most soap maker's recipes. Even 10% of the total recipe will improve the lather. A 100% coconut oil soap is the only soap that will lather in salt water.

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