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Soap Making Oils - the Raw Materials of Hand Made Soap

You have to have oils to make handmade soap, but which one is best for you? Each one contributes something different to the final product: lather, hardness, shelf life, moisturizing. Combine them correctly to make a soap that has exactly what you want!
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Types of Olive Oil for Soap Making Recipes
Olive oil comes in several different grades - but which one is right for making soap?

Qualities of Soap Making Oils
Like choosing the ingredients in any recipe, choosing the oils in your soap recipes is a very important step in your soap making. Each oil imparts different qualities to the final soap - creating your soap recipe is the art of balancing them to create the perfect bar of soap.

Soap Making - How to Render Tallow for Soap or Candles
Step by step instructions on how to render tallow or beef fat for use in soap and candles

Properties of Soap Making Oils
A great chart for identifying the individual characteristics each soaping oil will impart to your soap.

Soap Making Oils - Descriptions and Fatty Acid Profiles
A discussion of the chemistry of soap making oils including fatty acid make-ups, hard and soft oils, unsaponifiables and qualities that different oils impart to hand made soaps.

Olive Oil (Castile) Soap Recipes
Make Castile Olive Oil Soap with these recipes.

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