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How to Rebatch Soap


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Using a Crock Pot or Oven Dish to Rebatch Soap
Chunks of soap in crock pot

Chunks of soap in crock pot

David Fisher
Norma Coney uses a saucepan to melt her soap. The first time I rebatched, I used a double boiler set up. Both of those will work, though with just a saucepan, it’s really easy to scorch the soap. The first time I rebatched, I used a double boiler set up and swore, “There’s got to be a better way.” Well…there is. There are three actually:
  1. Crock pots
  2. Oven dishes (pyrex or other baking dishes)
  3. Baking or "oven" bags

Using a crock pot is very much like using a dish in the oven, so I’ll cover them together.

Take your grated soap and put it into a crock pot or a glass oven dish that you can tightly cover.

Add the liquid and stir it up gently.

If you’re rebatching to fix (the problem) that you left out an oil in the original batch, go ahead and add that oil at this time too. If the mistake you made was not adding enough lye water solution, you can add that now too with two cautions:

  1. Don’t let the fact that this is a rebatch make you less careful with the lye – it’s just as dangerous.
  2. If you’re adding lye water to correct a mistake (again, knowing exactly what mistake you made,) go easy on water you’ll add for the purpose of rebatching. Depending on how much lye solution you’re adding, it may be enough to wet the soap and get it to melt. If it’s not, just add the water a bit at a time.

Set your crock pot on “low” or your oven on 150° - 170°. Put the lid on it and let it heat. Set the timer for an hour. Go read a book. This is not a quick process.

Note: The soap in the picture was rebatched due to me leaving an ingredient out. It had only been setting for about 8 hours, so was really, really soft. It wouldn't even grate...I could only cut it up into chunks. Just get it as small as you can.

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