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How to Make Melt and Pour Soap


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Unmold the Soap
Final Step Unmolded Melt and Pour Soap

Your Unmolded Soap

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While you're waiting for the soap to harden, write your results in your notebook. How many drops of color did you use? How much fragrance did you use? Did you have any soap base left over? Did the fragrance seem strong enough? Etc. These notes will help you duplicate the results next time, or remember not to repeat mistakes you made this time.

When the soap is completely hardened, you should be able to pop the bars out of the mold. Some molds will release easily; Some will be more difficult. Tapping the mold firmly with the palm of your hand or a large spoon sometimes helps.

For a really persistent bar, you can turn the mold over and run hot water over the back of it. The soap should fall easily out of the mold.

You can rub off or trim off any imperfections with a cloth or small knife.

Since the melt and pour soap base is already cured, there's no waiting. You can use your soap right away!


For a video presentation of these steps, be sure to watch Melt and Pour Soap Basics Video

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