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How to Make Melt and Pour Soap


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Prepare Your Workspace for Making Melt and Pour Soap
Melt and pour soap making is a fun, inexpensive, easy way to get started making soap. Some people move on from melt and pour to cold process soap making, but many are just fine with the ease and safety of melt and pour soap making.

For a video presentation of these steps, be sure to watch Melt and Pour Basics Video

Assemble all of your ingredients, materials and equipment. Also be sure to have a pad of paper or notebook handy to write down any notes or changes you make to the recipe.

Here you see:

  • Your choice of Melt and Pour Soap Base in Pyrex container
  • Scale
  • Cutting Board
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Soap-Safe Dye (Red and Blue)
  • Metal Whisks
  • Large Knife
  • Rubbing Alcohol in Spray Bottle
  • Ramekin for Fragrance Oil
  • Rubber Spatulas
  • Cloths and Paper Towels
  • Soap Mold (I'm using a mold that makes 6 five-ounce bars of soap.)
  • Notebook
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How to Make Melt and Pour Soap
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