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Examples of Different Ways to Package Your Soap


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Soap Boxes and Other Complete Covers
soap boxes and wraps

Soap boxes and wrappings

David Fisher
One really easy way to package your soap is to drop it in an appropriately sized box. There are many companies that sell soap boxes, and, like the soap on the upper right, you can just add your own label and/or graphics to it.

The box on the upper left is a custom box with a die cut cutout in it. It not only looks professional, but it gives a little window onto the soap so that you can see its color. That's the disadvantage of a soap box - not being able to see the soap that's inside it. The advantage is that it looks clean and finished and you have all the sides to put your text and information.

Another option that I'm putting in the "box" category is the soap on the bottom. While not in a box, it's completely wrapped like a Christmas present with a label added.

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