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Examples of Different Ways to Package Your Soap


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Different Ways to Package Your Handmade Soap
Examples of Different Ways to Package Your Soap
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So you've created a recipe, or borrowed one from a soap making book, and you've made your first batch of soap.

What now?

Well, if you're just using your soap for personal use, you can tuck it away in a shoe box or other (not air tight) container, and pull out a bar whenever you need a bar.

But what if you want to give it away, or even sell your soaps? That's when you're going to need to learn about the various ways to package your soap.

When I was selling my own soap at craft fairs and online, I realized that packaging was as important, or even more important than the soap that was inside the package. I would often look at other people's soaps and their packaging. Sometimes their soap would be great...but the packaging not so great. Other times the soap would be quite average, but the packaging would be incredible.

Guess who sold more soap?

The next few pages have some examples of various types of soap packaging that you can try. These are just examples that I've collected over the years.

Before you even get started dreaming about what sort of packaging you want to put your soap in, be sure that you understand the guidelines for soap and cosmetic packaging.

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