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Soap Making Basics - Soap Making Recipes - Soap Making Projects

Ready to get started making custom handmade soaps? Gather the tools and ingredients you'll need and pick a fun project.
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  4. Melt and Pour Soap Making (30)
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What You Need to Know to Get Started Making Soap
Everything you always wanted to know about making soap...and asked!


How to Rebatch Soap
How to rebatch soap - fix mistake soap batches and make hand milled soap

Cold Process Soap Making Videos
An extra bit of "how to" to get you started, along with the full instructions in the written step-by-step instructions on the site - videos of soap making, lye making and the elusive "trace."

Melt and Pour Soap Making Videos
Melt and pour soap making is a really easy way to get started making your own custom homemade soap. But sometimes seeing it done helps to understand the "how-to" a bit better. That's why we've collected these melt and pour soap making videos for you. Along with the full step by step instructions on the site, they should be a great primer to get you started making your own soap in no time.

Tools and Equipment Needed to Start Making Cold Process Soap
Ready to try your hand at Cold Process soap? The tools and equipment you'll need are not complicated or hard to find. Put your shopping list together and let's get cooking!

What Books Do I Need to Get Started Making Soap?
A collection of good books to get you started in soap making.

How to Use Infused Natural Colors in Soap Making
Using natural infused colorants in cold process soap making.

Using Natural Colorants in Soap Making
Natural colorants in soap making don't have to be boring and muted. Many plant materials, spices and herbs give lovely colors to your soap.

Keeping a Soap & Candle Making Notebook
Keeping a soap & candle making notebook is important to track your successes...and document your tests.

How Soap Cleans
How soap cleans - using oil, water and food coloring.

How Soap Floats Your Boat
Demonstration of how soap breaks surface tension

Soap Recipe Calculator
Calculate the oils, lye and fragrance for any size mold and any combination of oils. Also gives qualities of individual oils and the qualities that will your particular combination of oils will impart to your soap.

How to Make Salt Soap Bars
How to make a salt bar - recipe and soap making instructions

Using Flowers & Vegetables in Soap Making & Candle Making
A garden of possibilities abound when you use flowers and vegetables to incorporate into and inspire your soap making and candle making.

Calculating the Size/Amount of Soap to Fill a Soap Mold
How to calculate the volume of soap needed to fill a particular soap mold.

Examples of Different Ways to Package Your Soap
There are lots of ways to make soap - and even more ways to package it. Your packaging tells a lot about what's on the inside - so make sure it's nice!

What is Soap?
Soap is much more than just a block of white stuff in your shower. It's the result of a complex chemical reaction.

Hot Process Crock Pot Soap
How to make crock pot hot process soap.

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