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Cocoa Butter in Soap Making


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David Fisher
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  • Adds Hardness to the Bar?:

    Most definitely! Due to it's high stearic and palmitic fatty acid content, even at small amounts (5-10%), cocoa butter adds hardness to the final soap bar.

    Creates Fluffy Lather?:

    No... In fact, too much of any of the butters will really kill fluffy lather.

    Creates Stable Lather?:

    Yes...the lather is low and creamy and stable.

    Adds Moisturizing Qualities?:

    Most definitely! Cocoa butter, and all of the nut butters are GREAT providers of skin-loving qualities in your soap. Very moisturizing in soaps or just straight out of the jar.

    Other Qualities?:

    Cocoa butter, even though it's more expensive than other base oils, is one of the staples in my basic soap recipe. Even at 5% or so, it imparts lovely moisturizing and helps create a nice hard bar. Natural cocoa butter has a yummy warm chocolate scent that will come through in balms and lotions, and even comes through in soap if you use enough in the recipe and don't mask it with a strong fragrance oil. The deodorized/refined cocoa butter has much less scent.

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