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Candle and Soap Making Videos


Sometimes seeing something done in real time is really helpful to understanding just how it works. It's just the same with soap making or candle making. Here are four collections of videos that we've done for the candle and soap making site that will help you get started.

1. Candle Making Videos

Container Candles Video
David Fisher
Making candles is an easy and rewarding craft that adds beauty and scent to your home. These candle making videos cover:
  1. Making basic container candles
  2. Making Basic Votive Candles
  3. Making Marbled Container Candles
  4. Making Rolled Beeswax Candles
  5. Making Beeswax Ornaments

2. Cold Process Soap Making Videos

Making Soap from Scratch Video
David Fisher
When I first started soap making, I read a lot of books and websites, but it wasn't until I actually did it that I really understood how cold process soap making really worked. Well, while I can't do it for you, these video presentations will give you an extra bit of "how to" to get you started. These soap making videos cover:
  1. How to Make Cold Process Soap from Scratch
  2. How to Safely Make a Lye Solution for Soap Making
  3. How to Identify "Trace" in Soap Making
  4. How to Make Goat's Milk Soap
  5. How to Make Felted Soap

3. Melt and Pour Soap Making Videos

melt and pour soap making video
David Fisher
Melt and pour soap making is a really easy way to get started making your own custom homemade soap. Here are videos that show you:
  1. Basic Melt and Pour Soap Making
  2. Melt and Pour Chunk Soaps
  3. Single Use Dipped Flower Petal Soaps

4. Bath & Body Recipe Videos

fizzy bath bombs
David Fisher
While many folks start out just making soap and candles, most soap and candle makers that I know branch out into some sort of bath & body project at some time or another. Here are two easy projects that use ingredients you may already have on hand - or at least are easy to get:
  1. Fizzy Bath Bombs
  2. Body Butter and Massage Bars
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