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Soap and Candle Notebook


Soap and Candle Notebook

Soap and Candle Making Notebook

David Fisher
Definition: A very important notebook to:
  • Plan out the recipes, colors, scents,variations and techniques for your soap making and candle making projects
  • Plan out and record your fragrance or essential oil blends
  • Record any ideas, problems, or changes you make while you're making your soap and candle projects
  • Document when you try out new soap oils or candle waxes
  • And finally, your results. How did the project come out?
In the months and years to come, your notebook will become stained with oils and wax, smeared with colorants, and will smell like a fragrance oil store...but it will contain very valuable information should you ever want to repeat a success or not repeat a "not-quite-a-success".

It will be valuable both for its sentimental worth...but also in practical knowledge.

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