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Natrasorb Bath


Natrasorb Bath

Natrasorb Bath

Definition: Natrasorb Bath is a specially modified type of tapioca starch that is a wonderful additive to bath salts. The starch is processed in a way that creates little "pockets" that fill up and bind with oil when the starch is mixed with oil. Then, when the starch hits water, it dissolves very quickly, releasing the oils into the water. In addition, the starch provides a soft feel to the bath water, and doesn't float or leave a film.

You can use Natrasorb as 5-25% of the bath salt recipe. (I recommend about 10-15% - it starts to get a bit clumpy over 15%.) Mix your fragrance or essential oil with the Natrasorb first, then add that mixture to the rest of your bath salts.

Natrasorb Bath is manufactured by AkzoNobel Personal Care.

Also Known As: Tapioca starch, modified
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