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Willow Way HANDcraft 3" Tube Mold with Teflon Liner

Sometimes rectangular soap just gets boring.


Many soap makers use 3" PVC pipes as molds. They're not terribly hard to make, but they leak and the soap is hard to unmold. The folks at Willow Way make amazing equipment for professional soap makers, but they also have a line designed for smaller-scale soapmakers called "HANDcraft."

I recently got to use one of their HANDcraft 3" Tube Molds. It's a really wonderful piece of equipment! Well designed and perfectly engineered.

More information:

  • It's made of tough PVC and makes a 14" long loaf
  • Has a weighted base keeps the tube in place for pouring and curing
  • It comes with a teflon liner that makes de-molding much easier, and a snap in cap is included to seal in heat
As you'll see, it was easy to use and setup. While I used it on cold processed soap (it's super for loofah soap), you could also use it for melt and pour soap as well.

Disclosure: A review mold was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see About's Ethics Policy.

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Willow Way Tube Mold PartsTube Mold Fully AssembledTeflon Liner for 3" Tube MoldPutting the Tube onto the Base
Getting Ready to Pour the Soap Into the Tube MoldPouring the Soap into the MoldTube Filled with SoapPutting the Cap onto the Tube Mold
The Day After - Taking the Cap OffPulling the Tube Off of the SoapTube Taken Off - Liner Still on SoapPeeling Off the Teflon Liner
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