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Making Natural Candles and Soaps

Want to make truly natural soaps and candles? Do you desire a truly organic soap? Using organic vegetable oils in the soaps, soy and palm waxes in the candles, and natural essential oils for the scent, a truly natural product can be achieved.

How to Use Infused Natural Colors in Soap Making
Natural soaps don't have to be boring - natural colorants can make your soaps beautiful while not using synthetic colors.

What Sort of Soap Can I Use While Camping?
Making soap that is environmentally kind and safe to use while camping is easy.

Using Flowers & Vegetables in Soap Making & Candle Making
A garden of possibilities abound when you use flowers and vegetables to incorporate into and inspire your soap making and candle making.

Faces of the Green Pages - A Wild Soap Bar
A great interview with Maggie Hanus of A Wild Soap Bar in Austin, TX that talks about her soap making business, why folks should go green and natural, and advice for new entrepreneurs.

How to Create a Custom Fragrance Blend
Create custom blends of fragrance and essential oils with this simple blending guide

Using Honey in Soap Making
Information about using honey in hand made soaps - recipes included

Using Natural Exfoliants in Your Soap
List of exfoliants you can use in your soaps

Using Natural Colorants in Soap Making
Natural colorants in soap making don't have to be boring and muted. Many plant materials, spices and herbs give lovely colors to your soap.

Real Hand Made Soap
A great listing of dozens of soap makers across the U.S., Canada and Australia that are making soap from scratch - all natural! A great resource for recipes and ideas and a showcase of some of the best natural soap in the world.

What is Natural?
Many products on the market claim to be natural, but just what qualifies a product as "natural". The folks at Vermont Soap Works tell you.

Why Use Natural Soap?
Hand made soap is already better than many commercially produced "cleansing bars." But why should you go "all natural" in your soap?

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