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Setting the Wick for the Sand Candle
Setting the Wick

Setting the Wick

David Fisher
There are many different ways to set the wick in a sand candle.
  • You can stick the wick into the sand before you pour the wax - but it often falls over when you pour
  • You can stick the wick in after you've done the first pour - I prefer this way and it's what I did here. Use an ice pick or stick to make a small indentation in the bottom of the poured candle and nestle the wick into that hole. If you need to, stabilize the wick with a wick bar, straw or popsicle stick. You can also just drop a tabbed wick (like a pre-made votive wick) into the candle.
  • You can wait until the candle has formed a "skin" over the top, pierce the top with an ice pick or stick and stick the wick in there.
  • You can add the wick once the candle is complete. This is the way Norma Coney does it in The Complete Candlemaker. Once the candle is done, she drills a hole in the center of the candle and inserts the wick. (I still just think it's easiest to add it when the wax is liquid.)
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