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Make Sand Candles


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Heat and Pour the Wax for the Sand Candle
Pouring the Hot Wax

Pouring the Hot Wax

David Fisher
Here's where all of your candle making safety instincts will have to be temporarily put aside. Sand candles require hot wax! Much hotter than you can get in a double boiler. So you'll need to heat your wax directly over the heat source.

BE CAREFUL! Do not leave the wax unattended for even a moment.

The pouring temperature of the wax determines how thick the sand "crust" will be on the final candle. Pouring the wax at about 225° will give you a thin, light coating of sand. 250° will give you a medium "crust". 275° will give you a nice thick "crust".

Heat the wax to your desired temperature. If this is your first time, I recommend about 250°. Do not add any fragrance or color to this wax - the color will be distorted by the high heat and the fragrance will burn off.

Using the tablespoon to deflect the wax, slowly pour the wax into the hole. The spoon helps the hot wax disperse better without causing the hole to cave in. Depending on how wet your sand is you will likely hear a sizzling! This is just the water being evaporated out by the wax. You will notice that the wax begins to seep into the side of the hole. Fill the hole and let it seep. We'll come back and do a second pour in a bit.

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