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Create the Mold/Form for the Sand Candle
Making the Candle Indentations

Making the Candle Indentations

David Fisher
Think sand castle...
That's how wet you want the sand. Dry enough so that it's not drippy...but just wet enough to hold it's shape. Err on the dry side, and spritz it a bit with the water.

Gently press your jar or form down into the sand making sure to push straight down without twisting. Gently pull the form back out and check to make sure that the sides are solid with no spaces or air pockets.


  1. Instead of using a jar or glass, just make a free form hole in whatever shape you like - star, amoeba, blob - you pick.
  2. After you've made your hole, create "legs" for the candle by pushing 3 or 4 fingers about 1/2" down into the bottom of the candle.
  3. Embed shells or sea glass into the sides of the hole.
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