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Rustic Pillar Candles


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Let's Get Started Making Rustic Pillar Candles
Rustic Pillar Setup

Rustic Pillar Setup

David Fisher
Rustic Candles - pillars and votives especially - are all the rage in the home decor stores these days. Home furnishing stores of all prices points seem to be featuring these candles. They are different from standard candles in that they have a textured surface ranging from lightly pearlized to a rough, almost leathery, pitted surface - in either case, much less slick and finished than candles you would normally see.

The secret is that this finish is actually very easy to achieve. The key is to freeze/chill your molds beforehand, and let the wax cool a bit before you pour it. That's it! The cold mold shocks the wax and produces the rustic effect. You can do it on any candle that is made using a metal mold.

For this project, you'll need:

  • Metal pillar or votive molds - either with wick pins (as I'm using) or with a wick setup
  • Pillar-blend wax - I'm using IGI4625 - you want a wax that will be more on the translucent side. I've used creamier votive blend waxes (like IGI 4761) - but they don't give the same effect- it's more of an opaque effect (as shown in the purple votives in the pic above)
  • Appropriate wicks (I'm using an HTP105 for the pillars and a 44-24-18z for the votives.
  • Fragrance and color as desired
  • Basic understanding of how to Make a Basic Pillar Candle
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